Pollo is an XML editor best suited to edit tree-like XML files. The thing that puts it most apart from other XML editors is its colorful tree-widget. Here's a small example fragment:

Screenshot of pollo's tree view Classic tree screenshot
Pollo's colorful tree view
The "classic tree view" (also demonstrates using labels instead of real element names, and specifying specific icons for elements)

By making use of colors different element types can be quickly recognized. Even if you prefer editing XML with your good old text editor, you may find Pollo usefull to browse through files.

Pollo started out as a small expirement for writing some rendering code (in this case to render a cocoon sitemap) and getting acquainted with Swing, and has since grown into an XML editor suited for all kind of work.

Some of its features:

To learn more about Pollo, follow one of these links:

See also the Sourceforge project page for Pollo.

Pollo is an open-source project with a very liberal license. This means a lot more than just giving the source away for free, and you as a user sitting back and anxiously awaiting the next release. We welcome your participation, being it patches, questions, comments, remarks, documentation enhancements or feature requests.

To provide feedback about Pollo you can write to:

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