Pollo: miscellaneous notes

Whitespace handling, reformat when saving

When Pollo opens a file, it will strip all text nodes that consist of only whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines). Otherwise a lot of white boxes would be displayed in the tree for these nodes.

When saving a file, Pollo will do some pretty-serializing of the file. The way this is done will become configurable in a future release.

User preferences file (.pollorc)

When Pollo exits, it saves a file called ".pollorc" in your home directory. This file contains stuff like recently opened files and the location and size of Pollo's window.

Opening non-well-formed XML files

When you open a file in Pollo that cannot be parsed, Pollo will display it in text view. In that case, the file will be opened with Java's default encoding (which depends on the platform).

Changing the encoding of a file

To change the encoding of a file, switch to text mode and change it there in the XML declaration.

Reusing Pollo's tree widget

I'll write about this later. If you are interested in this, please let me know.

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